Six Wanderer-Lieder for Tenor and Orchestra

I. Der Wanderer an den Mond D870
II. Am Fenster D878
III. Sehnsucht D879
IV. Das Zügenglöcklein D871
V. Im Freien D880
VI. Bei Dir D866

2 Oboe
2 Clarinetti (B)
2 Fagotti
2 Corni
Violini I, II

Duration: ca. 24 minutes
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Six Wanderer-Lieder for Tenor and Orchestra
Text by Johann Gabriel Seidl

Johann Gabriel Seidl is not usually mentioned in the same breath as the other towering titans whose verse Schubert set to music, even though Schubert set in total fifteen lyrics by Seidl. Although Seidl earned his living with various means – first as schoolteacher, then as bureaucrat – it is for his poetry that he is best remembered. His poem “Gott erhalte, Gott beschütze” was combined with a hymn from Haydn to become Austria’s national anthem. Schubert’s settings of Seidl’s poems are among his less well-known works, however this is a result of their not belonging to one cycle. This collection attempts to rectify this injustice by presenting six masterful songs on themes which Schubert always returned to: longing and the outdoors.

This adaptation is much more than a simple arrangement; it not only expands the sound of the Lieder, it also extends the range of their emotiveness. The classical scoring transports the Lieder to a different expressive realm, sometimes resembling Brahms, at other times Mahler. (Six Wanderer-Lieder for Tenor and Orchestra / Günther Matysiak, Weser Kurier, 09.28.10)